Woodcutting, Drum Can Hot Tub, & Hotpot

GM7, Inc.
Provider Address
15 Funaba, Marumori, Igu-gun, Miyagi 981-2171
For those arriving by car:
About 30 minutes from the Shiroishi Interchange (IC) on the Tohoku Expressway

For those arriving by train:
About 20-minute walk from Marumori Station on the Abukuma Line
※For advance reservations, free pickup service may be available.
※You can rent bicycles for free at Marumori Station. Ask the station attendant for more information.

Operating Period
Weekdays 1:00pm-4:30pm (Please contact us if you would like to request a different time.)
What to wear or bring
Clothes that are easy to move in and can get dirty, Bathing suit
How to make a reservation
Please visit the reservation website link below to make a reservation or contact the provider.
Reservation Website
Tour Guide Availability
Experience Details
This experience was inspired by Hiroshi’s desire to provide a space for people to relax and recover from their built-up stress. This is an experience you can’t get in urban areas. Won’t you try woodcutting, drum can hot tub, and imoni nabe hotpot?

Here is the flow of the Experience:
First, we will do woodcutting! We will be using an axe to cut wood that came from periodically thinning the forest on the mountain. The wood we cut will be used as fuel to heat the drum can hot tub. Since wood needs 3 months to dry after it is cut, the wood we will be using to heat the hot tub will wood that was prepared 3+ months ago. You’ll be using wood that previous visitors cut, and you’ll be cutting wood for future visitors to use! I hope you feel warm thinking of how the woodcutting is connecting people together.

A fire will be built to heat the hot tub, then once it is ready, you’ll take turns getting in and enjoying the water. Heating water with a wood fire takes time and effort. Unlike modern lifestyles, you can’t just flip a switch to get hot water. Doing things this way may be primitive and inconvenient, but there is something special about water that has been heated slowly. We would like you to enjoy the pleasure of this freeing experience that you can’t get in the city.

Finally, we will also make Tohoku-style imoni nabe hotpot, with a flavor unique to Miyagi, using pork and miso.

5,000 yen / person (tax included)

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