Cut a Bamboo Cup and Relax with Coffee

GM7, Inc.
Provider Address
Koyadate-7-4 Koya, Marumori, Igu District, Miyagi 981-2303
For those arriving by car:
About 25 minutes from the Shiroishi Interchange (IC) on the Tohoku Expressway

For those arriving by train:
About 25-minute drive from Shiroishi Station on the JR Tohoku Honsen Line
※For advance reservations, free pickup service may be available.

Operating Period
Weekdays 10:00am-12:00n (Please contact us if you would like to request a different time.)
What to wear or bring
Clothes that are easy to move in and can get dirty, shoes good for hiking
How to make a reservation
Please visit the reservation website link below to make a reservation or contact the provider.
Reservation Website
Tour Guide Availability
Experience Details
You’ll cut and sand bamboo to make your own unique personal bamboo cup. Afterwards, you can sit surrounded by nature as you drink coffee from your newly-created cup. On cold days, you’ll drink coffee indoors seated cozily at a warm kotatsu table and play with cute cats.

Here is the flow of the event:
Once you arrive at the station, you will take a taxi to Kawabe’s house. Kawabe’s house is a traditional Japanese house, built 130 years ago, located in the mountains of Marumori away from populated areas, where Kawabe lives peacefully. After introductions and safety instructions, Kawabe will show you how to cut the bamboo. Then you can take turns cutting the bamboo to make your cups. Once the cups are cut, then Kawabe will demonstrate how to use a sander to smooth the edges of the cup. Once the cups are done, Kawabe will wash the cups and prepare coffee for everyone. This is time for you to relax. If you want, you might be able to play with the cats! Once you finish your coffee, we will heat and polish the cups to give them a nice finish. Make sure to let them sit out and dry overnight!
At the end of the experience you will take a taxi back to the station.

5,000 yen / person (tax included)

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